The 2017 John Locke workshop kicks off today. The finalized schedule is available here. This morning we’ll be hearing about  Locke among the Dutch: Completing the Epistola and the Essay from Geoffrey Gorham (Macalester) and Michael Hickson (Trent). Professor Gorham will be giving a presentation entitled “Insights from the van Limborch Correspondence: God, Space, Action, and Identity”, which explores the philosophical connections between Locke and Limborch, the Remonstrant who was influential in the the development of the Letter on Toleration, in their later 1690s correspondence. Professor Hickson will be giving a presentation entitled “Secularism and Toleration in Bayle and Locke”, which examines the similarities between Locke’s and Pierre Bayle’s arguments for toleration. It promises to be an exciting look at the ideas floating around the Dutch Republic and animating Locke’s thinking as he wrote, published, and defended his Letter on Toleration.

If you are in London Ontario this weekend, feel free to drop by. All session are being held in 1145 Stevenson Hall