John Attig has provided another update to the Locke Bibliography, 18 new entries this month. You can find the additions here. Information about Locke Studies Vol 17 (2017) and the 2018 John Locke Workshop have also be added to the bibliography.

Locke Studies is pleased to announce that Vols 8-9 have now been added to the online archive and should be accessible to everyone. Users will notice that there is a gap in the archive for years 2010-2013. We apologize for that. These issues will need to be scanned, proofed, and copy edited because no electronic files are available. This will take us some time. We will be adding Vols 4-7 in March before turning our attention to scanning the issues we do not have electronic files for. Eventually, the entire archive of Locke Studies and The Locke Newsletter will be freely available to all users. We thank you for your patience as we prepare the back issues. Please register with Locke Studies as a reader to receive updates on the release of more issues to the archive as well as the publication of new articles.

Locke Studies is also pleased to report that we are in the process of commissioning book reviews of new and significant books of interest to Lockeans. If you are an author interested in having your recent book reviewed in Locke Studies, please contact the new editor, Benjamin Hill, at bhill28 [at] uwo [dot] ca with information about your book. If you are interested in being asked to write a review for Locke Studies, please register with Locke Studies as a reviewer, and list the topics you are interested in, or send your CV to Benjamin Hill.