Election – John Locke Society        

The JLS is electing five people to its Executive Council.  The following people have been nominated and accepted their nominations:
            (1)   Shigeyuki Aoki
            (2)   John Attig
            (3)   Douglas Casson   
            (4)   Patrick Connolly
            (5)   Lisa Downing
            (6)   Walter Ott
            (7)   Sam Rickless
            (8)   Luisa Simonutti
            (9)   Shelley Weinberg
            (10) John Wright         
To vote, please email JLS2018elections@gmail.com.  State that you want to become a member of the JLS and list your top five candidates.
Please don’t use this address for anything else!  An admin will be tabulating votes and drawing up the membership list.  If you want to talk to Antonia, use lolordo@virginia.edu
Polls close September 15.