Paderborn’s History of Women Philosophers and Scientists is hosting a great looking Master Class lead by Karen Green (Melbourne) on October 23-26. The course will look at the reception of Locke in Catherine Trotter Cockburn and Catharine Macaulay, and other eighteenth-century republican women. Day 1 will look at recent controversies concerning Locke’s role in the development of eighteenth-century republicanism (Pocock, Israel, and Pettit). Day 2 will focus on Cockburn and her defence of Locke’s moral epistemology, and her play on The Revolution of Sweden (1706). Day 3 will focus on Macaulay, specifically on sections from her Treatise on the Immutability of Moral Truth (1783) and the sections of her History of England (1763-83) defending the execution of Charles I. The aim will be to demonstrate the continuity between Cockburn and Macaulay, and their importance for understanding eighteenth-century republicanism in England. The last day will be devoted to discussion and critical reflection on the previous days’ content.

More information about the Master Class can be found here. People interested in participating should send a copy of their CV along with a short letter of introduction describing their area of research and why they are interested in this course to no later than 12 October, 2018.

It looks like a fabulous opportunity and I hope that many of our followers will have the opportunity to join in the fun in Paderborn.