We very pleased to announce that Locke Studies is being indexed by EBSCO. EBSCO is a academic database compilation company that uses EBSCOhost to deliver a variety of databases and content to libraries. Many libraries, including most academic libraries, use EBSCO services in providing research databases to their patrons.

What this means for researchers is that you can now use keywords and full-text searches in EBSCOhost databases to locate abstracts and articles published in Locke Studies. This should make it easier for researcher to find content within the journal, including the content in back issues as they are digitized and released on the journal’s homepage.

For authors this means that your keywords and abstracts are more powerful and important in helping to put your research in the hands of readers and users. Because EBSCO uses keywords and other article metadata to identify and categorize articles, having the right set of keywords and metadata attached to your article is even more important. Authors published in the online edition of Locke Studies are welcome to review and revise the keywords, abstract, or article metadata attached to their articles at any time. Please contact the editor-in-chief for details and assistance making any changes. Authors who have had articles published in the print edition are welcome to add keywords and abstracts to articles as part of the digitization and release of the back issues. Again, authors should contact the editor-in-chief for details and assistance in attaching the information to their articles.

It is hoped that partnering with EBSCO will increase the visibility and citations of the fine works published in Locke Studies.