The John Locke Bibliography is active once again.  After a year-long hiatus, an update was posted  on May 6, 2021.  This was a modest update, containing only a few additions:

  1. The articles from Locke studies volume 20 have been added, as have the articles so far published in volume 21.
  2. Following Professor Hill’s announcement that full-issue scans of all the issues of The Locke Newsletter and Locke Studies have been posted, I created pages in the John Locke Bibliography for each issue, with the table of contents of the issue and a link to the issue scan. I hope that this will provide additional ways to discover this important resource.
  3. The description of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke has been updated, based on information from Mark Goldie, chairman of the Locke Board.  The major change is the publication of Drafts for the Essay concerning Human Understanding, Volume II, Draft C.  This publication is the 20th volume in the Clarendon Edition, out of a projected total of 40 volumes. Half way done!

I am working hard to catch up. The next update should be published later this week; it will include most of the titles included by Professor Hill in his “Recent Publications” list in Locke Studies volume 20, along with a number of other items that I have discovered.  After that is done, I will see what else I can find. As always, information about recent publications will be gratefully accepted and (more or less) promptly added to the Bibliography.