Workshop Series

The John Locke Society (JLS) grew organically out of a series of Locke Workshops, with the first being hosted by Ruth Boeker (UC Dublin) at St. Andrews in 2012. Below you will find information about upcoming and past Locke Workshops. Regular workshops on different aspects of Locke’s thought have been important to the Society since its founding.

2018 John Locke Workshop

16-18 July 2018, Mansfield College, Oxford University

Keynote Speakers

Lisa Downing (Ohio State University)

Edwin McCann (University of Southern California)

Timothy Stanton (York University)

Watch for a CFP to be released in the Fall 2017. The workshop host is Paul Lodge (Oxford) and the organizers are Jessica Gordon-Roth (Minn) and Antonia LoLordo (UVA).

2017 John Locke Workshop

2016 John Locke Workshop

2015 John Locke Workshop

2014 John Locke Workshop

2012 (Oct) John Locke Workshop

2012 (June) John Locke Workshop

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