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The John Locke Society (JLS) grew organically out of a series of Locke Workshops, with the first being hosted by Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin) at St. Andrews in 2012. Below you will find information about upcoming and past Locke Workshops. Regular workshops on different aspects of Locke’s thought have been important to the Society since its founding.

2018 John Locke Workshop

16-18 July, Mansfield College, Oxford

Keynote Speakers

Lisa Downing (Ohio State University) & Edwin McCann (USC)


Monday, July 16

9:00-10:15: Sean Silver (University of Michigan), “What is John Locke’s Idea of Complexity?”

Commentator: Kathryn Tabb (Columbia University)

10:15-11:30: Shigeyuki Aoki (University of Aizu), “The Development of Analogy in Locke’s Philosophy”

Commentator: Matt Priselac (University of Oklahoma)

11:30-12:00: Coffee & Biscuits (in college)

12:00-1:15 Anat Schechtman (University of Wisconsin, Madison), “Locke on Infinity as Quantity”

Commentator: Benjamin Hill (Western University)

1:15-2:15: Lunch (in college)

2:15-3:30: Martin Lenz (Groningen), “Locke’s Life-World: The Teleological Role of Secondary Qualities”

Commentator: Vili Lahteenmaki (University of Helsinki)

3:30-5:15: Keynote Lisa Downing (The Ohio State University), “Qualities, Powers, and Bare Powers in Locke”

Tuesday, July 17

9:00-10:15: James Harris (University of St. Andrews), “Locke versus Filmer revisited”

Commentator: Patrick Connolly (Lehigh University)

10:15-11:30: Hina Nazar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), “Locke and Rousseau on Educating for Freedom”

Commentator: Shelley Weinberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

11:30-12:00: Coffee & Biscuits (in college)

12:00-1:15: Giuliana Di Biase (University “G.d’Annunzio”), “Locke’s Coercive Morality”

Commentator: Daniel Layman (Davidson College)

1:15-2:15: Lunch (in college)

2:15-3:30: Kiyoshi Shimokawa (Gakushuin University), “Locke on Toleration and the Harm Principle”

Commentator: Luisa Simonutti (Institute for the History of Modern Philosophical and Scientific Thought)

3:30-4:45: Ed Curley (University of Michigan), “Locke on Religious Toleration”

Commentator: Doug Casson (St. Olaf College)

Wednesday, July 18

9:00-10:15: Emily Kelahan (Illinois Wesleyan University), “Locke and Hume on Miracles, Testimony, and Probability”

Commentator: David Owen (University of Arizona)

10:15-11:30: Elisabeth Thorsson (University of York), “Revisiting Locke’s Thinking Matter: A Third Way?”

Commentator: Matt Leisinger (Yale University)

11:30-12:00: Coffee & Biscuits (in college)

12:00-1:15: Diego Lucci (American University in Bulgaria and University of Hamburg), “Consciousness, Personal Identity, and Repentance in John Locke’s Views on Salvation”

Commentator: Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin)

1:15-2:45: Lunch (on your own)

2:45-4:30: Keynote: Edwin McCann (University of Southern California), “Conventionalism and its Discontents: Locke on Really Nominal Essences and Nominally Real Essences”

7:30: Banquet (in college)

Organizers: Paul Lodge (Mansfield College), Antonia LoLordo (University of Virginia), Jessica Gordon-Roth (University of Minnesota)

Registration Fee: 75 £, please register before June 1. Contact the organizers to register. The registration fee is required of all who are not on the published program.

The 2018 Locke Workshop is supported by:

Mansfield College, University of Oxford

The University of Virginia Philosophy Department

The University of Minnesota Philosophy Department

The John Locke Society (JLS)

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2012 (Oct) John Locke Workshop

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