We are saddened to hear the news of Vere Chappell’s (UMass) recent passing. Here is the notice from the UMass Amherst Philosophy Dept. website. Prof. Chappell’s work is well-known to Locke scholars as was his kindly presence in the field. As the notice says, Prof. Chappell was a leader in Locke (as well as Descartes) studies and he will be missed by everyone who encountered him or his scholarship. His 1994 Cambridge Companion to Locke and his 1998 edited volume Locke are resources familiar and well-used by historians of Locke’s philosophy. Some of our favorite contributions to Locke studies were his 1989 HPQ paper “Locke and Relative Identity”, his 1990 Philosophical Studies paper “Locke on the Ontology of Matter, Living Things, and Persons,” and his 1998 Locke Newsletter paper “Locke on the Suspension of Desire.” Check out the John Locke Bibliography, s.v. “Chappell, Vere” for a full listing of Prof. Chappell’s contributions to Locke studies. We encourage you to share your favorite memory of Prof. Chappell or your favorite piece of his scholarship in the comments to this blogpost or on our Facebook posting.