The John Locke Society is seeking nominations for its five-person Executive Council.
The JLS is a new, informal association of scholars interested in Locke. We aim to be international and interdisciplinary.
Our goal is to further Locke scholarship. More concretely, we organize an annual conference series. This year’s conference was held at Oxford, hosted by Jessica Gordon-Roth, Paul Lodge, and Antonia LoLordo. The 2019 conference will be held in Helsinki, hosted by Vili Lähteenmäki. And the 2020 conference will (assuming funding is available) be hosted by Luisa Simonutti in Naples. We also serve as the publisher of record for Locke Studies, an open-access journal where authors retain copyright.
To nominate someone – including yourself! – please email by August 15, 2018. Elections will be held in September, and we’ll ask people to join the society when they cast their vote. There are no membership dues at this point.